What to expect from my price action course?

Trader J

  • Price Action Theory Including:

    1. How to identify trends
    2. Introduction to Technical , Fundamental and Sentimental analysis
    3. Candlesticks and support and resistance strategies
    4. Trading Chanel’s and ranges
    5. Market Breakout strategies
    6. Market breakdown strategies
    7. Indicator strategies
    8. Chart patterns strategies

  • The Reality Of A Trader:

    1. Placing live trades
    2. How to overcome self doubt
    3. How to start and develop your trading goals
    4. How to move from part time to full time trading
    5. Personalised goal setting approach

  • Psychology Strategies

    1. Building a robust trading plan
    2. Trading risk management
    3. How to use my strategies to reduce psychological burden of trading
    4. How to adopt a clear mindset


“The experience I had with John for one week straight back to back was spectacular. In that time, I gained all the information I needed regarding fear, psychology and how you can bring different aspects together. He is the go-to guy and he will let you know that the markets have no feelings towards you and you shouldn’t either because it is doing nothing but making you miss out on trades due to fear or make you trade ruthlessly and greedy. He will also make sure that after every session you go away that he has enabled that sessions information fully through your brain and if you do forget its fine because you have a notebook to write in and online sessions are recorded.  ”


“It is coming up to 2 years now since my 1-1 mentorship I had with Trader J and I am pleased to say that trading for me is stunning now and I am just in a different league. I have so much knowledge on the markets now that for me sometimes it’s unbelievable to take in due to it being not too long ago when I had no idea about what I was actually doing in the markets and what exact pairs to focus on trading on a day to day basis. I have now mastered my own pairs and know exactly my major prices in the back of my mind and where the banks like to take their prices too.  ”


“After the course with John, I could adapt straight away in any situation given to me when trading my pairs. Trading Forex for me now is just clockwork and I can’t get enough from doing it. During this pandemic, I can only imagine how frustrated a lot of these traders or newbies feel towards the markets and about losing constantly. It is very choppy and not clear on charts where price wants to go but for me, it does not matter at all, I still manage to get a win/ win for my trades thanks to the help and experience I have had with John. Psychology for me in trading was a major thing and I’m glad to say that John cleaned that all up for me in one session to how exactly I should move towards the markets. John is honestly one of the best, legit and money’s worth investors out there. ”


“I’ve been knowing Trader J for quite a while now and I know with him as my mentor I can ask him anything pertaining to the financial markets and he will more than answer the question. He will ensure I leave knowing in full detail the answer to the questions I’ve asked, and that I’m ready to go and take action. With his style of trading and risk management strategies you’re more than likely to succeed in this industry. The best mentor I’ve got and I have a few!Trevor”


“John stands out from the other traders because the course he provides you gives straight facts in each 1-1 session that you have. You will start with the basics such as what is Forex and identifying candlesticks on charts and what their meanings are specifically and how it can affect your trades if it is going in the other direction to what you have predicted. He will also teach how to compound your capital in due time and how you should manage it. He provides numerous strategies for you so you can go away and try them for yourself and see which one suits you best to enable you to trade ”


“My experience with the 1-1 mentorship I had with John regarding Forex was the best decision I have ever made in my life,  he is a very understanding, patient and diligent individual, just to sum things all up in one word he is a Wizard when it comes to the Financial Markets, not only does he know about Forex but also about all types such as Futures, Stocks, CFD, Cryptocurrency, Index, and the Economy. He knows everything. ”


“John focuses on making things easy to understand. I like to focus on price action and how things can be made to fit my schedule. He was able to explain things that I had seen elsewhere and he could simplify things for me. I used to get stuck on keywords and different types of indicators but now I have systems that I can use to see how the market will react immediately. ”





  • How old do i have to be to trade with you?

    You have to be 18+ to have a live account to trade with, but mentoring can be taken earlier.

  • Do I have to trade full time to see results?

    No. I help you through providing learning resources, updates, thesis and analysis which helps cut down the time it takes. Many of my clients balance a 9-5 or formal education whilst learning to trade in their spare time.

  • How long does Forex trading take to learn?

    The length of time depends on a lot of factors. Each individual has their own journey and some may pick things up quicker than others due to have a robust trading psychology and plan. Regardless, the quickest way to learn is by starting your journey.

  • How much money do I need to start trading?

    You can create a demo account to practise techniques and skills. After that, a live account would be needed to realise actual gains. I recommend starting with £300-£500 and adopting a precise risk management strategy.

  • Is trading gambling?

    Trading is not gambling. Your capital is at risk but we utilise fundamental (news, articles etc) and technical ( price action/ indicators) tools to greatly increase probability and likelihood for success. The Forex market is backed by the biggest and most important financial institutions on the globe. Using strategies, tools and experience we can better navigate the market.

  • How big is the Forex market?

    The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world – larger even than the stock market, with a daily volume of $5.1 trillion, vs. $84 billion for equities worldwide.


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